Looking for Used Tires for Sale in New Milford, CT?

Looking for Used Tires for Sale in New Milford, CT?

You've come to the right place for quality tires at affordable prices

It's no secret that new tires are an expensive investment. Don't keep driving on bald tires while you save up for new ones - purchase used tires from Murphy's Tire in New Milford, CT. We sell affordable tires that still have enough tread to go anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 miles safely. 860-354-2132

See what tires we have on-hand by visiting our shop today.

Check out other uses for old tires

There are a wide variety of fun and unique ways to use our affordable tires in New Milford, CT. Do you:

  • Plan on decorating your yard this Christmas? Make a Christmas tree, snowman or wreath out of used tires.
  • Have a pasture for baby goats? Bury used tires halfway in the ground to make a play area for the kids.
  • Want to boost your curb appeal? Turn old tires into a cute planter that looks like a pig, well or frog.

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